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Search Engine Placement and Site Maintenance

By support, we mean what happens after your web site design has been completed, and your site is ready for the internet. This includes Site Promotion and Site Maintenance.

Site Promotion.

Having determined your Domain name and Hosting server, we shall put your site onto the server and test that it can be viewed by different browsers which use different screen sizes and resolutions.

The majority of users surfing the internet will use a search engine. (A search engine is a web site which holds a directory of thousands of web sites. You enter search words and receive a list of all the web sites containing these words).

A few years ago, there were just a handful of search engines available and far fewer web sites to choose from. Today there are hundred's of search engines and millions of web sites. So how do you get your site listed above that of your competitors?

Firstly, your site has to be submitted to each search engine that you want to be listed in.

Secondly, to get your site at the top of the listing, it has to contain the best 'elements' within your site to match the search words entered by the customer.

We shall use the latest software to get the 'elements' of your site correct, and we can then submit your site to the main 50 search engines.

The position that your site is ranked at, is helped when other sites have a link to your site. If you know of other businesses that would be interested in a link exchange, we can add a link to their site from yours in return for their site doing the same. E.g.. If you are a plumber, you may want to recommend an Electrician or Builder from your site.


Once your site is up and running, you may periodically need to change various elements.

Elements that may require amendment include the following:

Prices need updating
Products and Services on offer change
As your business develops you may require more pages
Check that links to other sites are still active
As technology develops, download time is quicker allowing more effects to be added
Your site will need regular submissions to search engines to keep it near the top

We can provide a maintenance service to suit your requirement's. This can be either on a regular basis or as and when you require it. We can discuss this with you.

Web Site Deveopment Company
Web Site Deveopment Company
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